Game Project "Brainzlab"

Final diploma project "Brainzlab"

Something went horribly wrong! Two professors are hunting for one runaway brain.

In Brainzlab, you play brainless professors. The goal is to collect the brain and bring it to the base as fast and as often as you can. The one who brings the most brains to the base wins. The gameplay is similar to a capture the flag game, except that the player can not shoot others but has to tackle them. Also you can use items to hinder the others or give yourself an advantage. It has something of the Mario Cart charm. Visualized is this game in a colorful comic style and you can play it with up to four players in splitscreen. If there are not enough players at the moment, the AI will take their place instead. Also you can choose between two characters and different coat colors.

Brainzlab is our final study project. We had six months to develop the game with a group of four artists and one programmer. Because we were near the end of our studies and wanted to learn as much as we could, we decided to use Unreal4. To make sure that our project would be a success, even if it wouldn´t work in Unreal, we produced a rough prototype in Unity at a private jam as a backup. My personal challenge was to model the characters in a comic-like style and also the rigging and animation of those characters.

Success / Publication: